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Angel Harper

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Patriachy and Gary Larson [Sep. 16th, 2006|04:23 pm]
Angel Harper
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I am taking English 120 at the College and feeling very out of my depth. We are writing an essay on patriarchy and I need to write one like so: Thesis, body, conclusion with examples from the reading and personal experience. Only the reading is about classic patriarchy. I don't think America is one anymore. There are places where the laws still support it, but from my point of view I can't write that essay.
I am a start-at-home mom by choice, it allows me the luxury of as much time as I want with my child and a lot more freedom that working would and I can't say that I am suffering. I hate working menial jobs. I am going to college and generally enjoying life.
What can I use as my thesis that my life and opinions as well as the reading supports?

I have been looking for a copy of a Far Side cartoon so I can print it and give it to my teacher. The one where the student has his hand up and is saying "Teacher, may I be excused. My brain is full". But I am having no luck.